Reconstruction Services

Reconstruction Services

Reconstruction is the final chapter in the structural restoration of a property. Roadrunner provides general contracting and construction management services for all types of property losses. Throughout North America, the reliability of skilled craftsmen under superior management is the answer to completing a project in the required time frame and within budget. Roadrunner overcomes the normal difficulties experienced through better planning, better people, and consequently better production.

Case History: River West Medical Center

Hurricane Gustav cut a deadly path through the Louisiana landscape, causing terrible damage to River West Medical Center.

The fury of both Hurricane force winds and a tornado spawned by the storm tore holes in the structure, threatening to shut down the regionalhub.

Roadrunner quickly installed a temporary roof, covered gaping holes in the EFIS, and established infectious disease control so that the remainder of the hospital could continue operations in the first week before proceeding with complete reconstruction services.

Construction Management

A contractor is only as good as the people actually performing work on a project. Roadrunner has proven for years that no matter when, where or how a loss occurs, we are there not only to pick up the pieces, but put them back together again. Roadrunner’s comprehensive services are the best response to any loss resulting from fire, water, wind, smoke, airborne contaminants, corrosion or any other natural or man-made disaster.


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