Flood & Water Damage

Flood & Water Damage

The science of drying a property correctly is not open for interpretation. While many companies can not give a meaningful explanation of why specific equipment is being used on a given project, Roadrunner trains constantly on the advancements in state of the art drying and dehumidification for every type of property. While there are many similarities in the basics of drying a high rise versus a retail shopping center, there are as many differences. Roadrunner’s team of drying professionals are educated and proficient in every step of this scientific process. From moisture mapping and calculation of appropriate equipment, necessary daily monitoring and documentation requirements to the oversight of microbial growth concerns, Roadrunner’s staff is the best of the best.

Case History: Memorial Hermann Hospital

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, the Memorial Hermann Hospital System was reeling from significant damage sustained at three medical centers and the newly constructed Memorial City tower. By daybreak, Roadrunner’s first responders were on site, immediately beginning site stabilization to expedite the restoration process.

Trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifiers, air movers, air quality equipment and portable drying equipment were quickly set in place. Roadrunner’s fast execution of the recovery plan, developed months before the catastrophe, saved time and money and helped the staff at Memorial Hermann get back to the business of saving lives.

Critical Response Time

Emergency mitigation to a water damaged property is pivotal to stopping the damage. Every hour that passes can mean tens of thousands of dollars in additional property restoration. More importantly, this delay can cost businesses hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in lost revenue from business interruption. Roadrunner Restoration provides a national network which responds immediately, operates with knowledge and professionalism and protects the clients interests with honest and accurate communication from start to finish.


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