Disaster Management

Roadrunner mobilizes nationally when catastrophe strikes. Our footprint allows catastrophe teams to mobilize immediately with trained large loss specialists. Alliances with service providers who also cover North America give reassurance that while other companies struggle to fill a client’s needs during a widespread disaster, Roadrunner continues providing the highest level of service. Fuel, food for laborers, drying equipment, and power generation units are just a few of the requirements to get a client back in business. While other companies wait to the last minute, only to begin looking when the disaster occurs, Roadrunner simply implements the comprehensive plan developed months before the event, and gets the client on the road to recovery. This ensures that Roadrunner and the client are both prepared when a catastrophe strikes.

Case History: U of H College of Architecture

As remnants of Hurricane Ike passed through area, Roadrunner emergency crews were on site at the University of Houston’s College of Architecture, covering a 12,740 square foot section of roofing torn off by the powerful storm. While water had damaged approximately 40% of the building, the remainder was salvaged by Roadrunner’s quick response. Water extraction, structural drying and content restoration began immediately and the semester classes, in danger of being cancelled, commenced as scheduled. Continued monitoring and maintenance of air quality systems helped ensure a safe environment for faculty and students alike.

Case History: The Law Firm of Beggs & Lane

In 2005, Hurricane Ivan devastated the Florida panhandle, putting Pensacola on the map as one of the hardest hit cities in recorded history. The Law Firm of Beggs & Lane, over 100 years old and the largest firm in northwest Florida, received a direct hit, losing half the roof on its two story, 40,000 square foot building. Roadrunner handled all restoration services, including the pack-out and movement of the entire legal reference library. Approximately 50,000 books were hand-cleaned, boxed and relocated. Due to Roadrunner’s document recovery process, the firm was able to maintain access to their reference materials, prepare for cases and continue serving their clients.



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